Sunday, February 14, 2016

Darjeeling Express :: Authentic Indian food by Asma Khan at Sun and 13 Cantons in Soho

The Setting: a classic English pub on the corner of Great Pulteney Street and Beak Street in Soho. You walk in, get jostled among the crowd at the bar and make your way to the back of the crowded room. There is a room at the rear, full of plush leather booths with emerald tiled walls. The warm lighting and lit candelabras create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. You say you have a reservation, get led to your table and gaze appreciatively at your menu.

The Location: The Darjeeling Express pop-up restaurant run by Asma Khan in the Sun and 13 Canton pub in Soho.

Not quite your typical restaurant, not quite a supper-club – this is a temporary takeover of Sun and 13 Canton kitchen’s by Asma, serving authentic Mughal cuisine with Bengali roots.