Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wall SE1 Supper Club: Delicious 8 Course meal of American food with a British Twist

When I heard Cult Events was back with Chef Ian Ballantyne at the helm of a new supper club called The Wall SE1, I instantly bought tickets to check it out. I’ve had Ian’s food at two supper clubs in the past and I’ve always enjoyed it. The first time I witnessed his creative skills in making a simple salad look like a piece of art and the second time he cooked a dinner in a Hackney cafĂ© with all the ingredients sourced locally from within Hackney.

 This time the supper club was held at the Vaults i.e. the Arches underneath Waterloo Station. It’s a vast cavernous space recently taken over by the House of Vans brand and is home to an indoor skate park, an art gallery and a cinema. And now on certain nights during the weekend, will feature The Wall SE1 Supper Club: a fun, casual dining experience focusing on all the things we love about American food with a British twist.