Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gauthier Soho: Elegant French Fine Dining in Soho

I was thrilled to bits when I found out we were going to dinner at Gauthier Soho. I’m always excited at the prospect expanding my repertoire of French food given my relatively late start in discovering it.

Upon arriving, I found myself in front of what appeared to be a posh townhouse right in the middle of Soho. You ring the doorbell and then are welcomed inside and led upstairs passing various rooms on different levels till you’re seated at your table. The subdued lighting creates a romantic dreamy atmosphere and discrete service is provided by an army of waiters all who are quite charming and I’m pretty sure have jobs as male models during the day.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Briciole: Bona Fide Italian Trattoria in Marylebone

Is one visit to a restaurant ever enough to base a review on? Of course you expect a certain standard service but then again, dining can be such a variable experience. Hence, why I hesitate on providing a harsh critique if I’ve only visited once; though I’m always up for giving effusive compliment from time to time to a well-deserving chef whose food rocks my socks. ;)

So for Briciole I can confidently state my opinion having been there at least half a dozen times since they opened. It's a great local Italian restaurant if you live in the area - the type of place you go to with family or close friends. Casual yet cosy, the service is warm and friendly and the food has a sincere, homespun authentic feel to it. 

We always tend to start out sharing small plates of delicious creamy Burrata with tiny cherry tomatoes doused in olive oil, or luscious sliced melons draped with Prosciutto.