Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bone Daddies: Soho's self professed Rock n Roll Ramen Noodle Bar

I had my first taste of the ramen noodle craze that’s hit London at Bone Daddies. This uber-trendy ramen bar is located on Peter Street in Soho and I love the whole feel of the restaurant – from their signature Elvis icon, to the funky posters on the wall and pumped up music.

I decided to ordered the T22 – chicken ramen in a chicken bone broth. It was nice to dive into this comforting dish of stringy noodles with tender soft chicken, wholesome broth and crunchy vegetables but I got full rather quickly and I have to say, it felt rather one note after a while. There only so much noodles and soup I can eat and I was much more intrigued by their other options like curiously named ‘pig bones’ which I gather from a neighbouring plate looked like some pretty delicious pork ribs. 

I still want to try out the other noodle bars in Soho like Koya and Tonkotsu so I will reserve judgement on Bone Daddies till I have. And now, for a alternative perspective, here is my friend and dinner companion Tom’s review of the same meal:

Bone Daddies GinFizzGirl Ramen

Intrigued by the prospect of Ramen noodles a la mode, I set foot into Soho on Saturday not knowing to  exactly which of them we were heading. Arriving at Bone Daddies (A name conjuring different imagery to me), it was low key from the outside, with only a row of intriguing Japanese rice wine bottles and an orange glow  indicating the snug atmosphere within.  

Notably they had eye-catching Japanese posters paper-mached on the wall, and the branding was authentic, down to earth but nonetheless trendy. The menu was intriguing  and not overwhelming in terms of choice, which was a good thing, given that I was hardly the expert in selecting from it. The staff were friendly and relaxed, and everything happened very rapidly once they'd settled us down. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

L’Autre Pied: Fine Dining French Restaurant without all the formal fussiness

Cereliac Mousse Amuse Bouche

We had an impromptu Sunday lunch at L’Autre Pied, a Michelin-starred French restaurant on Blandford Street in Marylebone; the same street that is home to two other great restaurants Trishna and Roganic. The choices on their 3 course Sunday menu for £35 looked interesting and since it wasn't too crowded, we were able to sit down without a reservation.

For the first course I chose the Herefordshire Snails in Parsley Mousse, Morteau Sausage and Pickled Shallot which I simply loved.  My lunch companion chose the Grilled Mackerel and Tartare with Apple Tapioca, Reblochon Milk and Miso which was interesting but I much rather preferred my starter. They also served us a celeriac mousse as an amuse bouche  which had some other little bits to it that I can't remember but it was delicate and refreshing.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ducksoup: Tiny restaurant in Soho serving up creative plates of Modern European food

 We were wandering around Soho one evening after watching Argo at the cinema. Soho has such a buzzing vibe about it - the one area in London which is packed with bars, restaurants, jazz bars, clubs and of course, some shady shops. It's rather gentrified now than it was a few years back and is home to a lot of good restaurants. 

We walked past Barrafina which was busy as usual, past Koya which is on my wish list to try out the udon noodles but again the queue was ridiculous, Burger & Lobster which I wasn't really in the mood for and then ended up outside Ducksoup, a recent entrant on the Soho strip of Dean Street. I had never been there before and given that we could instantly get a seat and the menu looked interesting, we ventured forth inside.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Le Boudin Blanc: Authentic French Bistro hidden away in the heart of Mayfair

 I recently had the pleasure of dining at Le Boudin Blanc in Mayfair where I had the most delicious French Onion soup. This post is written by my dinner companion 'Ragueneau', a French guest reviewer who introduced me to the restaurant.

French Cuisine, Une Piece of Resistance: Le Boudin Blanc

Lovers of French cuisine: maybe your palate has been over-tested by the avant-garde dishes served in exotic London eateries. Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable dining in pretentious haute cuisine restaurants, where you are constantly wary of committing a faux pas. Perhaps you simply long for the Paris bistrots, which maintain a tradition of simple and savoury dishes, so quintessential to the French savoir vivre. Let me save you a journey across the Channel, and tell you how to satisfy legitimate cravings in good old London. Let me introduce you to the Boudin Blanc.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trishna - South Indian Coastal food restaurant in Marylebone

Trishna Gin Fizz Girl Chaat Quail Pepper Fry

When I went to Bombay for a friend's wedding, I got several recommendations to visit the famous Trishna, known for their fresh seafood. And oh my god - best decision of my life. Buttery garlic crab, crispy more-ish Koliwada prawns and an amazing grilled Hyderabadi Pomfret fish blew my mind. 

To get to the restaurant you have to wander down an alley behind the Fort in Kala Ghoda and then you emerge into a busy bustling restaurant crammed with diners sitting at tables heaving with the most delicious food.