Sunday, February 10, 2013

Melba Supper Club Dinner: Four delicious Courses served by four unique Chefs

Salamagundi by Ian 'The Candle Stick Maker'

I was looking forward to going to the launch party of Melba (the company formerly known as Epicurely). Melba is a social dining website that helps people find out about supper club events in London or even host their own. I've written about some of their events here and here. For their official launch, they decided to host an event that showcases some of the new and upcoming talent - young chefs who have been recently listing their events on the Melba site. The Melba Supperclub Dinner had 4 courses - each created by a different chef and was hosted at Salvation Jane in Shoreditch. Tickets were priced at £30.

The first course was by Tim Dorman. Tim is the head chef at Lantana, a popular brunch spot in London. His starter was Hake and Kaffir Lime Thai Fish Cakes with Nahm Jim Dipping sauce and an Asian herb salad. Upon tasting the dish, the I could instantly see his influence on previous meals I've had at Lantana. Clean, fresh flavours and a slightly fusion twist to the familiar. I think however, I prefer fishcakes that are made with mix of fish and potatoes. For more about Tim and future events, check out the Melba site.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Barrafina: a taste of Barcelona at a tapas bar in Soho

Whenever I go to a Spanish restaurant in London, I always mentally compare it to Barrafina in Soho. Among all the good Spanish restaurants I've been to like DonostiaJoseBrindisa - I tend to favour Barrafina. It's partly due to the amazing food, the friendly service and the buzzy vibe that makes me feel like I'm in a tapas bar in Barcelona and partly due to the fact that even though there is a crazy waiting time of say one hour or more (which is sadly becoming a norm in London), you can start drinking and even eating from the moment you queue!